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2020/06/29 10:09

For overseas customers, if you change the language notation on the web to English, the banner of international Orders will be displayed.
Please purchase from there.

You can now use paypal!

When using credit card payment, BASE's attribute and behavioral analysis filters may deem the following types of orders to be fraudulent use of credit cards, which may result in an investigation, and may require more time for delivery.

1. The amount or number of items per order is too large.
2. You have placed many orders to the same shipping address.
3. The shipping address is an overseas forwarding service address.

If you are planning to place an order that falls into any of the above categories, please use international orders, or use bank transfer, convenience store payment/Pay-easy, or PayPal.

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  • ネットショップを開設するならBASE
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